I am from California, I have been married twenty years to Jeanette and we are currently raising two teenagers. I don’t have words for how excited I am about the Collide Mastermind group. I created this group so we can go far together. I believe a lot of us sit all alone creating the stuff that we are selling or marketing. We don't only need community, but we need to be around others who we can relate with, learn from, and connect around the same things.


The Collide Mastermind is an exclusive group that connects business owners who are entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators on and offline.

We meet three times a year for two full days of meetings and a bunch of meals together. We hold two of the meetings in Huntington Beach, CA and one session a year moves around each year based on where we all decide. We stay in touch throughout the year through a private Facebook group and encourage people to hang and meet up with people in the group throughout the year.


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Here is a bit more about the current Collide members.


David started and is currently the director of advertising at Social Outlier, which is a disruptive leader in the digital space. David has personally managed over $100MM in advertising spend for companies like the Gates Foundation, Costco, Beautycon, Marcus Lemonis, Staples, Hitachi, and more. David has harnessed the power of social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram, to achieve massive success in fundraising, driving social change, and creating high-profit sales funnels for industry leaders across different markets. As a passionate humanitarian, David runs weekly food trucks feeding the homeless throughout Los Angeles to help create stability and provide needed resources for change.


Shea started a company called Apolis with his brother years ago. Their model of “Advocacy Through Industry” is a revolutionary way to harness the power of business to create social change. This model is founded on the simple idea that people can live better lives when they are given equal access to the global marketplace. Shea has run the day-to-day operations of the business in downtown Los Angeles since Apolis became a full-time project in 2007. He controls the master schedule and designates internal roles, also overseeing wholesale relationships, advocacy projects, and key brand relationships. He enjoys spending time with his wife Mary, son Everett & daughter Rel, reading, cycling, and surfing.


For the past decade, Levi has been a writer and spoken word artist who tours internationally as "Levi The Poet." He runs a membership site for fans who want more exclusive access to extra and unpublished content. He also works as a sales copy, and content writer focused on everything from web copy to entire product-launch campaigns, with a particular emphasis on email marketing. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife, Brandi, and their cat, Gilbert.


Johnny is a Real Estate investor, renovator, and designer. His passion is to invest in homes that are deemed as hopeless and bring them back to life. He strives to turn ugly properties into money makers, people gatherers, and pieces of art. He currently owns 45 passive income rentals and has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions. He specializes in rehabbing homes to flip and sell, rent out, or turn into nightly rentals (Airbnb). He was born in Cairo, Egypt and I moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of 15; graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. Besides homes, he enjoys storytelling, public speaking, creating videos, and interviewing people. His primary topics of interest are related to entrepreneurship, faith, and culture. Throughout the years, he has taken on a lot of roles including: being a young adult pastor, television news editor, real estate agent, investor, renovator, landlord, wedding emcee, event planner, and more.


Erik is an acting coach who secretly really wants to create better humans, not just better actors. He is a contributor for Backstage.com and was named their Readers’ Choice for Atlanta’s favorite acting coach. He’s got over 15 years of experience guiding and training talent throughout the country. As the founder of Catapult Acting Studios, he’s established himself as one of the go-to coaches for TV/film actors in the Southeast. Originally from California, he currently resides in Atlanta, with his wife Jennifer and the most important human in the world to him, his baby girl Venice. He’s dedicated to guiding and connecting his clients to the right people and right path, always reminding them to enjoy the process as much as the product at the end. His mission: “Professional level training, designed to create better people.”


Drew Melton is a producer, creative director and hand lettering artist based out of Los Angeles.  He has done everything from branding to custom type treatments for companies such as Harrods, Nike, VH1, Penguin Books, and many others. With over ten years of experience as a hand letterer and type designer, he enjoys using his talents to bring clients and creatives together to see big ideas come to life. Closer&Closer is a representation and production agency based out of Los Angeles that he created. His company helps companies find and work with top-tier illustrators and designers from around the world.


Geoff is the CEO and founder of Truth Web Design, a comprehensive digital agency specializing in custom websites, mobile app development, Adwords, branding packages, and content marketing. Geoff has been serving his clients since 2010 working with businesses, churches and 501(c) nonprofit organizations. His passion for helping others succeed & grow their influence is only exceeded by his desire to see those he knows and works with find a deeper relationship with Jesus. Geoff currently lives in Texas with his wife and two bulldogs.


Carl is an automation expert, and Infusionsoft Certified Partner specializing in sales and email marketing badassery. He worked 17+ years as the President of an independent multi-line insurance agency before transitioning five years ago to the world of online marketing and sales. He currently serves as the COO of XXXchurch.com and does consulting and advising for a variety of clients through his company Marketing Ninja 4Hire. Carl currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and two kids.


Tyler discovered computer programming when he was 13 years old and still loves it. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA from the University of Utah in Computer Engineering. After graduation, he started work on Ever Accountable, an app that is effective at helping people overcome pornography without blocking or constraining them in any way. He is currently building a team to help her run and expand it. We merged with XXXchurch.com’s X3watch system in late 2017.


The success of many organizations rests on their ability to create epiphanies in the minds of their audiences. Helping create those aha moments is why Jeremy and his friends founded Epipheo (epiphany + video) a video production agency based in Cincinnati, OH. Jeremy is the current CEO and Video Marketing Strategist. When Jeremy isn't pondering the future of digital video, you may find him training young dads, trying to study the Old Testament in Hebrew or reading obscure passages by J.R.R. Tolkien to his patient wife and five kids.


Matt wouldn't consider himself an entrepreneur; he’s always had an uneasiness with that title. He’s owned and operated a regional trucking company for the last 13 years. The variety, pace, and challenges of business ownership have been uniquely suited for his skills and interests. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Jayne and their five kids. He enjoys dinner and movies with his wife, building friendships, golf, summertime at the lake, and watching sports of all kinds, especially Indiana Hoosier basketball. He’s interested in carving out time to start to work on some other things in the future. Meeting new people is always an interest of his too.



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